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need poem-I Like Bugs 12/01/96 Jeanne Barnes
TECH: Winnebago and WinNT 12/01/96 Gayle Hodur
ELEM: need advice 12/01/96 Jane Perry
Stevia 12/01/96 M Hunt
HIT: Internet Training Video 12/01/96 Tami Little
Typing program for Mac? 12/01/96 Jim Aufderheide
Ingenius' Ask A.N.D.I.E. vs. What on Earth 12/01/96 Rita J. McKillip
MIDDLE:Read aloud:humor 12/01/96 MR WILLIAM W REED
Gen:CBS Sunday Morning. 12/01/96 Carole Ashbridge
TARGET: Ask a Vet 12/01/96 Mary Frances McLaughlin
Gen:Mag article--library cats 12/01/96 Julia Files Steger
GEN:PBS special on teaching multimedia 12/01/96 Deborah J. Stafford
LITA Conference: "Outsourcing Intentions" 12/01/96 Pat Wallace
Librarian's Guide newly revised 12/01/96 eberne
GEN: Trade vs. Library Bindings 12/01/96 Julie R. Conklin
SIRSI automation software 12/01/96 Jean Townes
Software for Primary grades 12/01/96 Jean Townes
Children's periodical abstracts 12/01/96 Virginia R. Wylie (904) 565-2720
TARGET: 2d Temple (Jerusalem) Fiction 12/01/96 Andrea Avni
GEN:Inservice Suggestions 12/01/96 Patricia Fontes
LM_NET FAQ December 1, 1996 12/01/96 Susan Baker
HIT: Principal Stunt Read. Challenge 12/01/96 Cathy Hay
TARGET: GEN: CHINA-U.S. Conference on Education 12/01/96 Marilyn McMahon
Gen: After school programs/storytelling 12/01/96 Paige Soule
Re: Sign Language problem 12/01/96 Johanna Halbeisen Woodland ES
Re: Valerie Flournoy, author 12/01/96 Linda Bryniarski
HIT:Political maps 12/01/96 Karlyn Ford
conn. only 12/01/96 roz s breit
HIT: Ask a Veterinarian 12/01/96 Mary Frances McLaughlin
GEN: Looking for letter... 12/01/96 Katie Bailey
hit:gen:curriculum leaders? 12/01/96 Nancy N. Essid
Re: ELEM:social studies videos? 12/01/96 Kay F Stinebrink
Re: How do you say Merry Christmas? 12/01/96 Bookwoman
Re: SEC: World Culture 12/02/96 Ed Fielder
Job: Library Education (First of Two Vacancies) 12/02/96 John V. Gallagher
Job: Library Education (Second of Two) 12/02/96 John V. Gallagher
Request: A Squinty General 12/02/96 Victoria Rubottom
GEN: Merry Christmas in Tongan 12/02/96 Paula Zsiray
Re: Merry Christmas in 33 languages 12/02/96 Sue Orth
REF : Idioms 12/02/96 Joanne Proctor
Current Events 12/02/96 Melissa Hutto
Christmas Greetings-Please! 12/02/96 Sherry Nelson
Re: Appalachian stories 12/02/96 Joanne Proctor
Math Projects 12/02/96 Barbara Vassey
TECH, ELEM, MIDDLE: Science Encyclopedia CD-ROM 12/02/96 Eliahu Academy
Christmas Spider 12/02/96 Myers Elementary School
Re: Children's Book Week 12/02/96 Pat Haddad
Re: Typing program for Mac? 12/02/96 Sheila Davis
Re: need story title 12/02/96 Faith Van Putte
Scholastic Search 12/02/96 Terry Guenther
TARGET:Cost of computer printouts 12/02/96 Leila Silverberg
Outsourcing 12/02/96 lorraine Knight
TARGET:MONGOLIAN VIDEOS 12/02/96 Susan Briskman
HIT: Language Arts Listserv 12/02/96 Doug Bancks
Re: LM_NET Digest - 1 Dec 1996 - Special issue 12/02/96 Marlene Woo-Lun
GEN: info on a publication called Pickle Barrell 12/02/96 Melinda Miller-Widrick
Language help, please. 12/02/96 Mary E Bryan
emails or http needed for 50 states of USA 12/02/96 Mary E Bryan
Library Clubs 12/02/96 Roberta Meyer
Christmas greetings 12/02/96 Roberta Meyer
Hawaii 12/02/96 MS_HERBERT
HIT: Athena 12/02/96 lorraine Knight
Hit: Old story about "the book" 12/02/96 Rosie Peasley
H.S. Job /New Mexico (fwd) 12/02/96 Sheila Moody
No Subject 12/02/96 John Henne
thanks 12/02/96 Deborah Smith McLeod
REF 12/02/96 Sue Sasala
KEYPALS FOR GIFTED CLASS 12/02/96 Bonnie Shanks
Re: GEN;(tech?): Library Home Page 12/02/96 Sharon Fisk
REF: historical economic data? 12/02/96 Jacqueline A. C. Keith
Hong Kong standard 12/02/96 Viviane Lampach
Re: TARGET: holiday book promotion 12/02/96 Roberta Hope Moecker
HIT: School LANS 12/02/96 Sandy Ridge Elementary School
SEC: Spanish language encyclopedia 12/02/96 Sherry Teller Ogburn
PROJ: Knowing Is Understanding Project: Exploring the Spanish 12/02/96 Peter Milbury
Live From Antarctica 2 Calling YOU! 12/02/96 Jan Wee
TARGET: DISCIS BOOKS 12/02/96 Barbara A. Waldrop
SEC: CA Only- Help 12/02/96 Betsy Blum
Internet connection 12/02/96 Betsy Blum
GEN: PR ALERT from NYLA (long) 12/02/96 Paul Girsdansky
Looking for books 12/02/96 Susan K-s Grigsby
GEN: Price of books 12/02/96 Joie Taylor
challenged books 12/02/96 Yvette Viger
National Library of Poetry 12/02/96 Norma Jean Nicholson
ELEM, MID: Technology & Science Education 12/02/96 Suzanne Weinheimer
Re: TARGET: DISCIS BOOKS 12/02/96 Jane Coffey
Christmas greetings 12/02/96 Roberta Meyer
Re: TARGET: holiday book promotion 12/02/96 Martha E. Alexander
TARGET: ELEM. Need poem 12/02/96 Bettie Fisher
GEN: looking for net source for Huge Corporations' companies 12/02/96 Trish Feld
TARGET: Health Text 12/02/96 Sharon Prescher
TARGET: Motivational Speaker 12/02/96 Sharon Prescher
Gen: Tricia Tusa 12/02/96 Anne Anges LeBoy
TARGET,ELEM,TECH:Location of new computers 12/02/96 Constance M Joyce
ELEM:Alphasmarts and Keyboarding Software 12/02/96 Janet Rawdon
ELEM: TECH: Art CD's 12/02/96 Donna Gilliland
New England only 12/02/96 Steve
REF: postmodern 12/02/96 Vona Genelle Van Cleef
Re: GEN: Trade vs. Library Bindings 12/02/96 Joan Kimball

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