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Ref: Title VI ? 06/30/96 Pat Bartoshesky
Chat rooms 07/01/96 Fran Patton
JOBS: NE Ohio H.S. Librarian 07/01/96 Doris Renfro, Lib., So. Range Mid. Sch.
Re: TARGET: Management for elem. student browsing 07/01/96 Edna M. Boardman
GEN: Childlit 07/01/96 Susan J. Forsling
Regionalisms from Jojah 07/01/96 Margaret Hunt
State Themes: Indiana 07/01/96 Barbara Allen
HIT:Apple IIs and the internet 07/01/96 Jeanette Berry Heath
Target: Pronunciations of characters in books 07/01/96 Susan Kuentz
Student Evaluation of Library Services 07/01/96 Mary Marguerite Ludwick
Capitol Flag 07/01/96 Dr. Debby Sue Vandevender
ATTN: Christianson, Carolyn 07/01/96 Cathy Hay, Abbott1029
HW Wilson - ALA Invitation 07/01/96 Wilson Messenger
TN only 07/01/96 Carol Burr
Response re:Management 07/01/96 Kathryn L. Stirk
? Jonesboro storytelling conference 07/01/96 Carol Burr
ala 07/01/96 Pauline Herr
no mail 07/01/96 Katie Regis
HIT -Library Clubs 07/01/96 Deb Dalton
GEN: Election Lessons 07/01/96 Linda C Joseph
NOMAIL for LM_NET 07/01/96 Peter Milbury
GEN:Low-Level Radioactive Waste 07/01/96 Linda C Joseph
Tech: AOL and Netscape 2.0 07/01/96 James Butler
Re: Left-Handed Items 07/01/96 Jeanette Berry Heath
GEN:Interview Questions 07/01/96 Cathy Retzer
TARGET: TECH: QuickTake Camera batteries 07/01/96 Ruth Brandt
Re: Tech: AOL and Netscape 2.0 07/01/96 Jim Mann
Storytelling - Jonesborough 07/01/96 Mary Marguerite Ludwick
ALA WUG meeting 07/01/96 Cindy Sutherland
Netscape Update 07/01/96 Nancy Lindsay
Guam Recruiting team coming: ALA N.Y. City, Seattle, Dallas, 07/01/96 Cheryl King
Advent stories 07/01/96 Kathryn L. Stirk
HIT: Pronunciations to Anansi and Baba Yaga 07/01/96 Susan Kuentz
Re: Netscape Update 07/02/96 Janice Stone Levetan
ELEM: Student Bill of Rights 07/02/96 Susan Fonseca-King
Gen: Technology Speaker 07/02/96 Betty A. Hutsler
Re: Capitol Flag 07/02/96 Kerin E. Putnam
Web 66 07/02/96 Madeline Buchanan
Dates and themes 07/02/96 Sandy Sharps
TARGET.SEC:Information Literacy and YOU 07/02/96 Melodi A. Shoemaker (407) 636-3711
School Library Media Summer Conference 07/02/96 John W Shearin
Re: Chat rooms 07/02/96 Carole Carpenter
Re: TARGET.SEC:Information Literacy and YOU 07/02/96 Betty Dawn Hamilton
JOBS: East Tennessee 07/02/96 EMMALY FUGATE
REF: Benefits of internet 07/02/96 Christine Talbert (407) 935-3620
National Storytelling Association 07/02/96 Mary Marguerite Ludwick
REF: Criteria for Book selection 07/02/96 Nicole L Ozment
HIT: Pagemill 07/02/96 Madeline Buchanan
Re: Advent stories 07/02/96 lois smits
Re: Web 66 07/02/96 Stephen E. Collins
JOB:Alaska secondary 07/02/96 Della Matthis
GEN: We're good 07/02/96 TERRY YOUNG
ELEM: Cultural Geog. Title needed 07/02/96 Barbara Engvall
book title 07/02/96 Sharon Mondschein
JOBS: Middle School Media Specialist - Georgia 07/02/96 Debbie Smith
Dole's e-mail address 07/02/96 Sue Williams
Sec: Oceanography Textbook 07/02/96 Terri Lent
Re: REF: Criteria for Book selection 07/02/96 Edna M. Boardman
Re: HIT: Pagemill 07/02/96 Melissa Davis
GEN: Job Posting 07/03/96 Cathy Connellan
TARGET:Video for Library Orientation/Introduction 07/03/96 Phyllis Bergant
TARGET: Book Discussion Club for Junior High Students 07/03/96 Phyllis Bergant
Target: Elem. Beg. Year Ideas 07/03/96 Anastasi - Lisa
Virginia: Ann Repp 07/03/96 Jean Bellavance
Library of Congress discards 07/03/96 Robin G. Hughes
GEN: tiny school libraries 07/03/96 c_burns
Hit: Cultural Book 07/03/96 Mary Marguerite Ludwick
Re: Hit:Apple II and internet (fwd) 07/03/96 Jeanette Berry Heath
non-public school libraries 07/03/96 Jennifer M. Lyons
TARGET,SEC:Colleges with strong art dept. 07/03/96 Charlotte Patton
Children's Lit Conference 07/03/96 Jeanette Carolyn Larson
GEN: Book Listings 07/03/96 Tawana West
Re: non-public school libraries 07/03/96 Laurita, Paula MLS
TUSCON,AZ only 07/03/96 Nancy Lindsay
REF: Criteria for Book selection (fwd) again 07/03/96 Nicole L Ozment
GEN: Literacy/Info Highway 07/03/96 Deborah Marie Collier
HIT: Granger's World of Poetry CD 07/03/96 Peter Milbury
ELEM: Missions and beliefs statements 07/03/96 Ellen Taylor
Re: Guam Recruiting team coming: ALA N.Y. City, Seattle, Dallas, 07/03/96 T. K. Cassidy
Re: Art teachers listserv? 07/03/96 St Jerome's Catholic School
Job Vacancy-Library Media Specialist 07/03/96 Deborah Chaney
Reply - Media Specialist and Internet 07/03/96 Matthew Penn (LIS)
Indiana Update 07/03/96 Dick Ramey
ALA 07/03/96 fps
GEN:Copyright release form 07/03/96 Bev Frett
Re: Reply - Media Specialist and Internet 07/04/96 Mary Alice Anderson
ELEM: Flexible scheduling 07/04/96 MacFarlane
Media and Internet/Copyright 07/04/96 Kathryn L. Stirk
Another ListServe request 07/04/96 Kathryn L. Stirk
Re: Job openings 07/04/96 Mary Holst
Target: tape recorders for whole class 07/04/96 Ron McAtee
ED Report on Technology & Education (message 1) 07/04/96 Mike Eisenberg
ED Report on Technology & Education (fwd) 07/04/96 Mike Eisenberg
Re: Media and Internet/Copyright 07/04/96 SharronMc
HIT: ELEM BEG. YEAR IDEAS 07/04/96 Anastasi - Lisa
British Authors 07/04/96 Jackie Norris
HIT Art listserv 07/05/96 St Jerome's Catholic School
Floating point coprocessor on Macs 07/05/96 Joyce Conklin
Reply - Media Specialist and Internet problems 07/05/96 Hinchingbrooke School
SEC: School-wide reading programs/SSR 07/05/96 James R. and Claudine W. Happel

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