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My superintendent has asked that I post the following opening:

High School Librarian, strong computer related skills and interest are
important.  Please send inquiries in writing on or before July 10, 1996.

Inquiries may be sent to:  James Hall, Superintendent, South Range
Local Schools, 11836 South Avenue, North Lima, Ohio 44458.

A note from me, Doris Renfro, Librarian, South Range Middle School,
Greenford, Ohio:

South Range Local Schools encompass approx. 50 square mostly rural miles
south of Youngstown, Ohio.  About 1,200 students.  The high school is
located in North Lima, OH.  The library has been "neglected" for about
3 years due to a personnel situation and needs "oodles" of work.

I will be happy to send additional information when requested.


Doris Renfro

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