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Sorry to join in so late - been takin classes at Lina I mean University of
South Carolina - CLIS.
Well, we have quite a few in Jojah home of Coca Cola & the Olympics (where I
am sure they will all die from heat prostration!)   Georgia spelled or
pronounced - Jojah or JaJa
Carry me downtown - means give me a ride - Y'all come back now, you hear.
 Buzzard - Turkey vulture - Flaw-Floor  One that almost caused an arguement
between my SC husband and I  was "Own" - which was the way he pronounced it
but he really meant "on"  which I pronounce with a "ahn" - Some locals also
say scraight & screet for straight & street.  One last good one - tempatour
and furnitour -Only said by old time locals of "breeding" like Miss Melanie!

By the way my Tulsa Ok father said warsh, crick and ruff not my Hoosier
mother.  Maybe South Bend is to far nawth?
Margaret Hunt, ex Army brat
Augusta Jojah

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