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In response to all the people that wrote me asking for a hit on
scholarships for leftys....here is what I received.  Sorry it took so long!

Jeanette Heath
From: "Valarie F. Moreland 904-833-3335" <MORELAV@MAIL.FIRN.EDU>
I guess better late than never. This is in answer to your parent request
concerning lefthanders. I haven't found a scholarship yet, although I'm
sure there must be one as there is for everything else! But I just received
a new magazine from Lefthanders International, PO Box 8249, Topeka, Kansas
66608-0249. Magazine is titled Lefthanders Magazine. It offers lefthanded
items - lefthanded watch and etc. Hope this helps out. I just subscribed as
all three in this family are lefties. :-) Val

Dear Jeanette--the store is called Left Hand World, and the phone number is
1-415-433-3547 and the address is P. O. Box 193730, San Francisco, CA
94119.  The store is located in a local tourist "trap" known as Pier 39 (a
delightful place to visit) and as such it's hours are from ll am until
evening, Pacific Time.  That's why it took me so long to answer.  good luck
Lois Roberts Bishop O'Dowd HS Library, Oakland, Ca

There is a magazine called
"Lefthander" which reads from back to front, etc.
It has left-handed articles in it for sale, plus lots of information and stuff.
 It isn't too expensive, either.
Hope this helps,
Nancy Reed (lefthander extraordanaire) nupper@aol.com

On Tue, 30 Jan 1996, Coral Antony wrote:

> Jeanette:
> Check out this web page:
> http://www.icw.com/comfort/lefthand.html
> It is form a company that offers items for left-handed people. If you
> have access to Netscape or other web browser, search for "left-handed"
> and you should get a good listing.
> I am attaching the page index and the phone #
> >                           Left-Handed Items
> >
> >    * Lefty! Humor Cards
> >    * Lefty! Books and Videos
> >    * Lefty! T-shirts and Sweats
> >    * Lefty! Desk, School, and Office Supplies
> >    * Lefty! Scissors
> >    * Lefty! Knives
> >
> > --------------------------------------------------------------------
> > Go Back to the Table of Contents
> >
> >                Comfort, Etc. // 1-800-639-ERGO (3746)

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