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What type machine do you have? If you have a Mac you can't use Netscape
via AOL.
If you have AOL 3.0 for windows you can use *either* the Netscape browser
or the AOL browser. Takes a few minutes to configure and you need the
16-bit version of Netscape and the AOL winsoc. Both are available at
keyword: Internet.

IMHO: Get the free version of Netscape. There seems to constantly be a
newer, better beta and you don't need much tech support.

On Mon, 1 Jul 1996, James Butler wrote:

> I have AOL at home and would like to download Netscape 2.0.  Educators can
> download it free, but there is no technical support.  If I download it, will
> I then have 2 browsers, AOL's browser and Netscape?  Also, is it best to
> purchase it and have the technical support or obtain it free without
> technical support.

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