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> 1.  Do you plan with teachers?
Yes, with some more than others. There are a few who are very
"protective" of their territory (classes). If I ask for *any* advance
notice of library or librar lab use, they don't like it.  Fortunately,
there are only a couple on my campus at this time.  Most are really
grateful for any input that I can give.  We usually do plan *together*!

> 2.  How are you teaching "information literacy"?

I *talk* about it a lot with individual teachers, but mostly it is
through our joint lessons.  Since teachers are required to be *with*
their classes when they come to the library, I educate the teachers as I
talk to the students.  Some of my statements are really aimed at the

> 3.  What are the problems you encounter?

I would like to introduce the Big Six problem solving model, but most
teachers on my campus have *their* way of doing things and don't think
they have time to learn another method.

> 4.  Do you feel trained to accomplish the leadership role in this area?

Yes, I do, and LM_NET and years of experienced have strengthened that
feeling.  I just wish that other educators would see the leadership
possibilities here.
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