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Responding to the message of <199607021452.KAA20770@listserv.syr.edu>
from mlbuchan@scott.net:
> Can anyone tell me how to access Web66?  I want to change the URL of
> one of my schools listed on their site and every time I try to get it
> I get an error message.  I have even tried to use some of the search
> engines, thinking the URL has changed and I don't know about it but
> without success.

Web66: http://web66.coled.umn.edu/

We're having a bit of server trouble today, but it should be
back up shortly.

A bit of general advice about the Internet:  Sites and links can
go down at any time.  Machine configurations can change.  Router
configurations can change.  Lots of things can go wrong, and
any one of them can prevent your access.  In short, there is an
awful lot that must be exactly right before you can access any
site.  Fortunately, most of the time things do go right.

But every now and then something does go wrong.  If you can't
access any site right away, try again later or the next workday.
Usually the site will be back.

Stephen E. Collins

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