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Dear Nicole, Please go slow with the spending. Last year, for the first
time, I reviewed educational software for one of the library periodicals.
I can hardly armtwist anyone into using resources they did not choose for
themselves, even though almost all were excellent. My best sources are
such as NEWSBANK, encyclopedias and almanacs. Some such as Gale Research
have banks of information that support the social studies. Some of the
best software is productivity tools. Let the teachers tell you what they
can use. Edna Boardman boardman@sendit.nodak.edu

On Tue, 2 Jul 1996, Nicole L Ozment wrote:

> Hello fellow media specialists!  I am working on purchasing nonprint
> materials for a library and I have 23,000 dollars to spend.  However I
> must spend my money wisely and need your help on articles, books, or
> whatever that will aide in the selection.  I can only buy in the social
> sciences field and  a whole lot of it. Any answers please help!
> Thank you
> New Media Specialist
> Niki Ozment

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