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I would love to correspond with those of you who run a library in a very small
school (under 100 students). I have been hired for the second year by a school
with 58 students K-6.  They are giving me 35 hours (yes, for the whole year!)
in order to comply with the state mandate which requires that they have a
professional librarian on board.  My challenge is what to do in those 35 hours,
which as you can imagine get eaten up very quickly.  I would love to hear from
others who might be in a similar situation.
   Also, if anyone has information that will guide me in determining a
reasonable size collection for a school of this size, please share.

If you know someone who is in a similar position but is not on line, I would
like their snail mail address if they would be willing to correspond with me.
Thanks to all.
Cathy Burns     c_burns@mentor.unh.edu
Media Specialist
Oyster River Middle School
Durham, NH 03824

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