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I'm in a similar situation.  We were told by the bishop to open an
elementary school this fall (we were building a new RE Center).
I have been S-L-O-W-L-Y building our collection through monetary
donations for books.  People pick a book from a list and a book plate
will be placed in the book.  Ironically, the singles in our parish
are the ones who have been making most of the donations.  Kills that
idea that singles don't care about education. :->
People have been donating their old computers as they purchase new
ones for their home.  We will be buying a few new ones for the main
office, library, etc.
Our pastor is great getting folks to donate time, money, etc.  We
have a non-Catholic gentleman who is donating $60,000 for our new
science lab.
You need folks who can "sell" the idea of building the school for the
good of the entire community, not just the parish.
Hope this helps.

Bene e pace (blessings and peace),
Paula S.W. Laurita
St. John the Baptist Catholic School

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