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I think this has been mentioned before, but for another point of view on
computer literacy, the information highway, e-mail, etc., read Clifford
Stoll's SILICON SNAKE OIL. He makes some very good points, & I think
every LMS should be *required* to read this book. It made me stop & think
"Maybe we're buying into these ideas because we're 'told' to--like sheep
following a leader."

Stoll is a a proponent of libraries, books, teachers, & education. One
thing that got me to thinking is his mention of "educational videos &
computer programs". He challenges the reader to name 3 of those that
greatly influenced his/her learning & education. Then we were asked to
name 3 *teachers* who influenced the same!! Point is teachers will always
influence students more than ANY AV or software out there.

I highly recommend it.

*   Debbie Collier          Orange Grove Elementary  *
*   Librarian &             Houston, Texas           *
*   "Resourceress"          COLLIE@TENET.EDU         *

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