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Oh great ones of the Information World, we need your assistance,
Our school district is in the process of creating a virtual museum. This
project entails downloading curriculum based WWW sites and a number of their
links to a server in our district. Students and teachers will then be able
to access the server for the information without having to contend with poor
connections, inappropriate sites, etc. We have quite a few teachers
working on the project this summer, identifying the sites that would support
our United States history and geography curriculum. Jamieson McKenzie from
the Bellingham School District in Washington has been hired as a
consultant and is working with us. What we need is a form that has
already been used somewhere in the U.S. giving the recipient copyright
release privileges for educational purposes. We would rather not reinvent
the wheel if we don't have to. (Especially since the project itself is so
innovative.) Has anyone out their ever developed such a form? If so,
would you please contact me and if possible fax it out ASAP to
(708)983-2766 to my attention. This was a direct request from our
Assistant Superintendent and it would be most impressive if someone out
there would happen to have a form letter or template that has been used
successfully. Our alternative is to check with our district lawyer
and see if it would be leagal to directly email the sites and simply request
the right to download to our server. I'll be waiting with GREAT anticipation
for your responses. Thanks very much.

                                 Beverly Frett
                         Library Media Center Director
                         Robert Clow Elementary School
                            1301 Springdale Circle
                             Naperville, IL 60564
                      Phone(708)983-2765 Fax(708)983-2766

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