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Yes, you should always have a second plan --- and work with teachers to
show them to also have plan b.   Yes, sometimes a book is easier, better,
faster --- but the kids love the net.  We have T1 access and  can have as
many as 40 computers accessing the internet at once in the media center.
The kids are using it as their "first information stop" and surprisingly
they are quite successful most of the time.   Even though I often remind
them that a book might be a better choice, I have to keep reminding
myself that they are going at this differently than adults.
Another interesting thing--our use of multimedia cd roms really dropped
once we obtained such wide spread access to the net.   We're also working
on getting students to not print and to always save their graphics and
text to a disk.  They're getting pretty good at this.

Mary Alice Anderson
media spec, Winona MN Middle School

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