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We would like clarification on the law and policies in school districts
concerning software installations.  We want to assure compliance of laws and
regulations but this seems to be a "gray" area.

If a teacher's personally owned computer is used in the school setting, can
school-licensed software be legally installed on it?  What if that computer
is then taken home and removed from the school setting?  Would the software
then have to be deleted from its hard drive?

Can a teacher have school purchased software installed on a personally owned
computer which remains home, not in school?  If 10 licenses are purchased by
the school, does the home installation count as one of those licenses?

What policies do other school districts have concerning teacher-owned
computers used in the school setting?  What about software policies?  What
about teacher-owned software brought into the school setting and installed
on school-owned computers?

What policies do you have concerning teachers taking school-owned computers
home over holidays and during the summer?  Our district allows/encourages
this, but questions remain concerning who is responsible for damage and what
software may be installed and how it is handled when the computer is
returned to the school setting.

We need to formulate written policy and would like input.  Thanks,

Julie Lepisto
Librarian/Media Director

Only the truly ignorant think they know everything.

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