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While I agree that *Silicon Snake Oil* makes some good points (and some
great quotes), I'd advise anyone who reads it to ALSO read (IMMEDIATELY,
if not sooner) *Being Digital* by Nicholas Negroponte for balance...or
maybe even Gates *The Road Ahead.*

Then, kick back, relax (maybe take time out to read a good novel--or
even Stoll's first book, *The Cuckoo's Egg* which I think reads like a
great spy novel) and think about the role of technology in your own life
and in your own profession--good and bad--and come to terms with your
role in the digital revolution.

Personally, I think there's more than enough room for technology AND
books in my life and in my profession, and I love the challenge of
figuring out what fits when and where.  I also understand that may be
different for different people.

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