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At 04:13 PM 7/7/96 -0400, Donna Baumbach wrote:
>While I agree that *Silicon Snake Oil* makes some good points (and some
>great quotes), I'd advise anyone who reads it to ALSO read (IMMEDIATELY,
>if not sooner) *Being Digital* by Nicholas Negroponte for balance...or
>maybe even Gates *The Road Ahead.*
>Then, kick back, relax (maybe take time out to read a good novel--or
>even Stoll's first book, *The Cuckoo's Egg* which I think reads like a
>great spy novel) and think about the role of technology in your own life
>and in your own profession--good and bad--and come to terms with your
>role in the digital revolution.
>Hi Donna!

I've been "lurking" on LM_NET for a few weeks and just started to post last
week because of some concerns I had re new principal's directives.  What a
NICE :-) surprise to find you on the listserv!  Re my place in digital
revolution, the more I learn the more I find out that I NEED to learn!  I
think that the Media Center should be the "hub" of information for the
school, regardless of format.
To me that means take any course I can re technology, computers, software
used with online and www searching/retrieval, networking, etc.  Problem is
there is just SO MUCH to learn - nearly impossible while working.  How are
you managing to keep up?

Jen Schiller
Media Specialist
Ft. Lauderdale High

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