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TARGET: networking cd's and copyrights 10/31/96 Greenup County High School Library
Student Portfolios 10/31/96 Pat Premo
Hit: How to print bookmarks w/URLs in Netscape 10/31/96 Rita J. McKillip
Hit: Reader's Theatre Sources 10/31/96 Rita J. McKillip
Hit: Radio Shows promoting literature by and for children 10/31/96 Rita J. McKillip
Re: Deaf people 10/31/96 Carol Wheat
Re: GEN :BOOK FAIRS 11/01/96 Marilyn Johnson
Re: TARGET: Cinderella's step-sisters names 11/01/96 Kimberly Rose
Re: LM_NET Digest - 31 Oct 1996 - Special issue 11/01/96 Fran Patton
GEN: School Library Journal 11/01/96 Kathy Geronzin
HIT->Student Use of Internet (con't) 11/01/96 Duncan Grey
20th dewey 11/01/96 SCHLnet LMNET Newsgroup
GEN: TECH scanner 11/01/96 Cindy Williams
LM_NET FAQ (minor changes) 11/01/96 Susan Baker
Library "Show and Tell" Hit 11/01/96 Novak
Block Scheduling & the High School Library (long) 11/01/96 pat bender
ELEM:Plays for Grade 3 11/01/96 Elaine Borowick
HIT: Cinderella's step-sisters 11/01/96 Tammi Mitchell
Target: Internet Curriculum Planning System 11/01/96 Angus Saunders
HIT: What to say to para... 11/01/96 Tammi Mitchell
CE: Leadership for School Librarians 11/01/96 David Terry
reading instruction 11/01/96 Carol Foster
Texas/Children's Authors at Book Festival 11/01/96 Jeanette Carolyn Larson
help for school committee presentation 11/01/96 Maureen Barney
Re: tech.coord.job desc. 11/01/96 D. J. Hunt
Target: Time Line program for Mac?? 11/01/96 WALTERS, DONNA
TECH: Comm errors 11/01/96 Fred Muller Newton
HIT: Internet citations 11/01/96 Petra Pershall
Target->Printing from Netscape 11/01/96 Virginia Meier
Elem. Year Round Education 11/01/96 Clark E. Jewell
Ques.--Carmen Sandiego vs. Science Sleuth 11/01/96 Laura Brown
PR survey 11/01/96 Steven P Clancy
Target: SEC Color printers 11/01/96 Darlene DeHudy
TARGET: A particular essay 11/01/96 Kate Gallion
general 11/01/96 Alana Banaszak
Target: Numbers in children's lit 11/01/96 Belinda Holbrook
Jean Parker, author/poet 11/01/96 Bea Patrick
Great Expectations 11/01/96 Sandra Gay Lee
compassion books 11/01/96 Geneva Lynne Hamilton
Deluxe Unabridged Dictionary 11/01/96 Cornfield Ann
ELEM:Arkansas 11/01/96 Dorette Janet Putonti
Tasmania, Australia 11/01/96 Tillie
Re: GEN :BOOK FAIRS 11/01/96 Jan Helene Moore
TARGET: Mexican Plays in Translation 11/01/96 Kenley Neufeld
Netherlands libraries 11/01/96 Jane Kiel-Ducardus
Number of OPACS? 11/01/96 Rita Kaikow (Oceanside High School)
Archives: Subject Search 11/01/96 Liz Dodds
Target: Student Vs Teacher E-Mail Accounts 11/01/96 Bill Sears
TARGET: "Thank you" in other languages 11/01/96 Gail G. Faughn
Tech: Win 95 11/01/96 Kathryn Valvano
Scholastic Book Fairs 11/01/96 Kay Talbott
Intellectual Freedom and the Internet 11/01/96 Nancy Graf
Intellectual Freedom and the Internet 11/01/96 Nancy Graf
ELEM: North Carolina _ONLY_ 11/01/96 Earl J. Moniz
Prydain Chronicles 11/01/96 linda king
HIT>Illus Classics in Comic Book Form 11/01/96 David Lindsey
Super Sleuth 11/01/96 Vel Babbitt
TARGET: WWW Test of Aptitude for Distance Learning 11/01/96 Donna Baumbach
Gen : Title search and Address Request 11/01/96 Victoria Rubottom
Re: Read Street Book Fairs 11/01/96 Victoria Rubottom
Re: GEN :BOOK FAIRS 11/01/96 Leesie Falgout
GEN: ABC book identification 11/01/96 Cheryl W. Stevens
advice 11/01/96 Linda Slacum
Re: Sec:Biography on CD ROM 11/02/96 Sandra M Barron
GEN: Book fairs... 11/02/96 Earl J. Moniz
Re: Deluxe Unabridged Dictionary 11/02/96 Dr. DebbySue Vandevender
Re: Ques.--Carmen Sandiego vs. Science Sleuth 11/02/96 Dr. DebbySue Vandevender
Re: School street book fairs/Troll 11/02/96 M Hunt
Tareget: 100 Day book titles 11/02/96 M Hunt
Linda (Slocum) only 11/02/96 Lyn Anderson
Re: GEN: ABC book identification-Thanks 11/02/96 Cheryl W. Stevens
TECH & HUMOR: True computer tech support stories 11/02/96 M Hunt
HIT: ELEM:Nontraditional families 11/02/96 Jane Perry
Re: reading instruction 11/02/96 Susan Kuentz
Elementary AUP 11/02/96 RosinaA
Gen: Book Fair 11/02/96 M Hunt
PURPLE BISHOP & THE DOG 11/02/96 Judy Freeman
Re: GEN: Book Fairs 11/02/96 Mary Helen Fischer
Re: Book Fairs 11/02/96 Kathy Hintz
SECONDARY: Library Passes 11/02/96 Maria Elena Ovalle TT_DB User Users bin cdrom dev devices etc export ftp home kernel lib lost+found mnt net opt platform proc sbin tmp usr var vol xfn Edinburg HS
November Read In! Update! Over 44,000 and counting! 11/02/96 Jane Coffey
Re: Accelerated Reader 11/02/96 Diana Hicks
Target>Lib. improvment (But not _too_ improved) 11/02/96 Rita Hennessey
Columbia 11/02/96 ruth shaw
dollars for surveys 11/02/96 hartsock
Target: Middle: Peacebuilder Bib--Nov.2, 1996 11/02/96 Martha Pankratz
Re: Gen: Upstart 800 number 11/02/96 Louise Schwarzchild
TECH: humor 11/02/96 Sara Mockett
Re: Accelerated Reader 11/02/96 Donna S Cook
Re: Accelerated Reader 11/02/96 Donna S Cook
Stories about 3... 11/02/96 Ellen Wiseman
Trgt: Priv. Sch. Tchg Time 11/02/96 Linda Welch
GEN: Posting Messages to LM_NET 11/02/96 Peter Milbury
ELEM:fairy tales 11/02/96 Linda Taylor
Target: Librarians as Webmasters 11/02/96 Peter Milbury
GEN: Maryland ONLY 11/02/96 Gibbons - Deborah
Gen: Circ sofware 11/03/96 Trisha Barnard
NON-HIT: Blitzkrieg Big Six 11/03/96 Gayle Hodur

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