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I'd first like to thank everyone who helped me
locate many fine Internet sources and book sources to.

The suggestions included:

1. A book by Avi, 'Who Was That Masked Man, Anyway?' has
many radio characters in it. My 4th graders loved it.

2. A place for R.T. scripts and additional sites: note.html

(it's quite good)

3. See Scholastic..has several books of plays, avail. via
the prof'l teacher bookshelt in their reg. catalogs.

4. 'Readers Theatre for Beginning Readers' by Suzanne I. Barchers
from Teacher Ideas Press (folktales). Frantic Frogs and Other
Frankly Fractured Folktales for Readers Theatre by Anthony D.
Fredericks also by TIP (funny ones & tips to produce your own)

5.Caroline Feller Bauer's book, 'Reading Theatre'

6. Scripts for 3rd-6th grades:

(quite good too)

Thanks again,
Rita McKillip
LMS in Milwaukee ELem.

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