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These are the suggestions I have received:

1. Go-in file manager- to netscape directory and copy
the file 'bookmark.htm' to a wordprocessing file. Will
give you title and URL for ea. bookmark.

2. Go to 'Window' option, then Bookmarks, choose 'save as'
under file--save as source, then as text (the little pull down
menu indicated by the arrow in that 'save as type' box.  The
source list gives names and the text list gives URLs.

3. Using Notepad or Wordpad open the file called 'bookmark.htm'
from the Netscape folder, print.

4. Open a word processing program at the same time as Netscape.
Move the screen down so you can toggle back & forth between sceens.
Open ea. bookmark, highlight and copy the URL and dump into the
program. (You can print the URL at the top of a web page by going
to page set-up under file. There you'll find settings for page
number, date, location and title.)

Thanks for all who responded. I really appreciate that.

Rita McKillip
LMS Milwaukee Elem.

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