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I will be responsible for presenting our curriculum to the school committee
on 11/7.
As my focus will be on the secondary level, I thought I might do either a
"then and now" presentation showing how school library services have changed
or a "typical day in the library" scenario to show them the variety of
instruction and services offered in a secondary library.  I am going to
present this in a Powerpoint presentation format and am interested in any
specific suggestions or activites to include or any general tips you have
for me.  I have never made such a presentation and am a little nervous about
it, but I do want to discuss more that the document itself and really seize
the opportunity to showcase of program.  You come up with great ideas, so
I'm counting on your creativity to help me out.  Please respond to me
directly and not the entire list. TIA
Maureen Barney                        "Hip to be square"
Library Media Specialist
Aldrich Jr. High School
789 Post Road
Warwick, RI 02888
(401) 737-3300x4461    Fax (401)781-1998


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