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School Librarians:

I am researching the use of public relations in libraries.  I hope the
findings will provide the data necessary to make a significant change in
the way public relations is viewed and used in librarianship.  Before
sending this message to your cyber wastebasket, could you please take a
minute to respond to the following brief survey?

1.) Do you perform public relations tasks in your current position?
        Yes     No

2.) What percenatge of your working time do you devote to public
relations?  ____%

3.) Do you consider public relations work for the library:

        a)Important   b)Not Essential   c)A Waste of Time

4.) Which of the following public relations tools do regularly use? (Check
all that apply.)

        a) Newsletter

        b) Displays/posters

        c) Press release/media contact

        d) Web Site

        e) Outreach Programs

        f) Personal contact

        g) Other (please specify)


Thanks in advance.


Steve Clancy
School of Information and Library Studies
Box 169
381 Baldy Hall
Buffalo NY 14260

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