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Re Scholastic Book Fairs:  I've tried several other companies, much to my
regret.  The reason I keep coming back to Scholastic is both the
selection of materials and the service. No, I'm not thrilled with the
number of Goosebumps but they also include the Texas Bluebonnet Award
(our state children's choice program) books and many other excellent
titles.  Many hard cover books, usually new publications, are also
included.  These I take as part of my bonus.  The company I used this
fall, lured by promises of big incentives, did not follow through
with their promises.  Also the selection was very week.  Instead
of Goosebumps, there was another, less well-written (imagine!)
series of scary books.  The rest of the stock was very mediocre.
Scholastic has a warehouse in my community (maybe that makes a
difference) and re-stocking is accomplished withing 24 hours by UPS.  I
don't have to mess with taking orders for books that may not arrive for a
week after the fair is over (happens with other companies.). Also the
staff are unfailingly helpful and courteous.
This is not meant to be a plug for Scholastic but just to explain why I
continue to use them.  Everything you say is true.  I would make changes
if I owned the company (I just wish!) but compared to the other companies
with whom I've dealt, Scholastic remains the best of the bunch.
Hope you are having a better day.  Venting is good for the soul.
        Jan Moore                               Foster Elementary
        Library Media Specialist                1025 High Point
        janmoore@tenet.edu                      Arlington, TX 76015
        FAX (817)468-8292                       (817)465-4702

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