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I have beein reading the postings re. book fairs in general, and Scholastic
in particular with great interest!  You see I am in the midst of my second
Scholastic Book.  I switched from School Book Fairs aka Trumpet...and boy!
am I glad that I did.  My contact at Scholastic is this wonderfully helpful
and friendly lady named Sally.  Whenever we talked prior to and after my
fair arriving, she always made (and continues to do so) me feel as though my
call were the high point of her day and that my fair needs were crucially
important to her!

Yes, we get Goosebump books BUT and that is a biiiiggggg "but" that is what
the kids want to buy, at least at first!  Then they move on to more lasting
and worthwhile choices.  The biggest complaint my students have had is that
the brochure promised a collection of stories by Edgar Allan Poe and they
were not included!  No Problem!  Sally called me the morning of my first day
of sales to see how things were going, when I passed on their concerns, she
immediately shipped via UPS (arriving the *very*  next day) an assortment of
the Poe titles as well as extras of various titles that I knew would be in
high demand.

Since the fair began, I have talked to her via their 800 number at least
twice a day every day and often more than that!  She never fails to
cheerfully answer any question; she even knew the book that I wanted when I
said, "You know, the book with the half of a skull on it!"  And that book,
by the way, was not for a child but rather a parent who had bought one and
wanted another one as a gift.

No, I don't like the little junky stuff but she only sends a few items and
they always sell completely out!  The selection of books, computer programs,
and gift items is very well balanced and the parents who have shopped before
the band concert and during parent conference night enjoy and have commented
on the fact that there is something for everyone!

I get no commission or kickback from Scholastic but the satisfaction I see
on my students face when they leave the library with their treasures is
priceless!  If you should have a problem with Scholastic before switching
companies I would really suggest calling and talking with your
representative.  I don't know if you can call Sally; I'm keeping her really
busy but I do know that Scholastic is actively trying to give schools the
fairs that they want and need.

My two cents worth!

Kay Talbott
South Brunswick Middle School
Southport, NC  28461

By making the same mistake over and over, I at least learn to do one thing

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