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Hi Group:

Next week I will be part of a panel debating useage of the Internet.  As
a library media specialist who believe in the Library Bill of Rights, I
will be debating free access of the Interet.

I think that it is our goal as library media specialists to teach
students (and parents) that with internet use comes a responsibility to
understand it can be abused.  Students must be taught that if they get
into something "questionable" they should know that on school equipment
to back out and try somewhere else.  No one wants our computers used to
harm anyone or to find objectionable materials.  Also what is
objectionable to some may not be to others.

Just some random thoughts as I begin to prepare my presentation.

What do you think?
Shoud we have rewalls or can we trust our students with proper training
to know right from wrong Nancy Graf hanford Secondary School
Richland WA

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