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        Another Fair that I have used for 2 years is READ STREET.   There
are a rather small group out of Tennesse .  The big advantage I have found
with this fair is once you hit 500 dollars you can take 100% in books.  I
haven't found any other fair group that offers a deal that good .  I have
also been very impressed with the quality of the books.
        Our School is less than 200 and we have made the 500 dollar level
both years.  They also offer a 2 for one sale with an additional 20% in
books to the school.  Pretty Good!  I have the address if anyone is intrested.

Victoria L. Rubottom
Sacred Heart School
Emporia. Ks.


At 05:15 PM 11/1/96 -0500, Kay Talbott wrote:
>I have beein reading the postings re. book fairs in general, and Scholastic
>in particular with great interest!  You see I am in the midst of my second
>Scholastic Book.  I switched from School Book Fairs aka Trumpet...and boy!
>am I glad that I did.
Victoria L. Rubottom
Sacred Heart School
Emporia, Ks.

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