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Dear Group,
        Forgive me if this is a second posting of this message.  I am having
trouble with my mail program and I don't think the first version was
ever sent.
        I want to meet with my administration regarding next year's schedule
and the rapid growth in the library media program.  I don't want to go
in and cry and whine about being overworked.  I do not think that
approach would be professional or productive.
        This year we have a 25% increase in our student body (and appropriate
teaching staff) due to a neighboring school' rennovation project.  Many
areas of the school received additional staff and/or additional hours to
compensate for the increased student load, but it was not equitble.  No
teacher in my building teaches any more students than last year, many do
share classrooms with mobile teachers.  The custodial, secretarial,
guidance department and reading specialist received percentages of
additional personnel.  My assignment was returned to full-time media
specialist.  (I had been 90% media and 10% gifted teacher, but I was
told it will probably be reassigned 90/10 next year.)  We have a seven
period day and my October statistics average 6.5 classes every day using
my facilities.  I am in a middle school with grades 6, 7 & 8 with
flexible scheduling.  My part-time assistant's hours were not increased
this year and I share her with the cafeteria.  My other extraneous jobs
include hall duty, coverage of P.E. students with medical, students with
make-up work or tests to complete, minor repair of av equipment, . My
prep periods are daily from 7-10 PM!  I do not want to turn this into a
contractual issue.  I strongly believe the library media specialist must
provide a service to the staff.
        I see the library media program as growing dramatically with the use of
technology.  I am computer literate and truly enjoy assisting teachers
in integrating technology into their curriculum.  My school was lucky to
be awarded a substantial technology grant this year and wiring and
internet access will be installed throughout the building this school
year.  This translats into more teacher training and equipment
        In other words, I am looking for advice, words of wisdom and key points
to make during my meeting with the adminsitration.  (Or maybe I just
needed to put it down in writing.)  I appreciate any ideas you have to
offer.  TIA
Linda Slacum, Library Media Specialist
Cherry Hill Middle School
2535 Singerly Road, Elkton, MD  21921
lslacum@dol.net  (HOME)
llslacum@umd5.umd.edu  (SCHOOL)

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