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Hi - Just thought you all would like to know that Troll also offers 100%
free books --that is is you make $4000 they will match it with $4000 in
whatever you want from thier catalogs.  Plus they do offer very basic
barcoding...i.e. their records ain't the best but I did not have to
type...Since we make not quite $4000 a book fair it is a daunting task to
catalog all the freebies.  I think they also throw in 40% cash over $2000 in

Would like to add that I do love Scholastic and hope they barcode their
stuff soon...Then I will only have Scholastic...but I can't keep up with
barcoding and do  all my other jobs too!!! Too little time and too much to do!
Margaret Hunt
Floyd  Graham Elementary Hephzibah, GA(15 mi. S of Augusta)
The home of 400+ PreK-2 Panthers

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