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Thanks for the help, I got the title for the ABC Book:

>The book is undoubtedly _Jeremy_Kooloo_ by (?) Mahurin. I'd never seen it
>until it showed up in the gift collection for our new library last month.
>I'm at home and can't give you bibliographical info, but with title and
>author, you should be able to track it down. Good luck!
>[It goes *something* like this (it's been a few weeks!): A Big Cat Drinks
>Every Full Glass. How Jeremy Kooloo Loves Milk. Nonfat. Oops! Purr,
>Quickly Run, Sleepy, Tired(?) Under Very X Y Zzzzzzz.]
>Julie Swartzentruber
>Pittsburgh, Pa.

Cheryl W. Stevens
Library Media Specialist
Willimantic, Connecticut

Tolland High School
1 Eagle Hill
Tolland, CT 06084

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