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Many thanks to those who responded to my request for stories which depicted
a grandmother as the primary caregiver of a family. The responses I received
are as follows :

>Although it is not a grandmother, it is an older person serving as
>caregiver in "The Great Gilly Hopkins." Gilly also wants to move to be
>with her "real" family.

>B. Byars not just anybody family--has a grandpa
>Queenie Peavy--Dad getting out of prison
>_The Families Book: True Stories about Real kids and the People they live
>     with and Love_ by Arlene Erlbach, Free Spirit Publishing, c1996.
>ISBN 1-57542-002-3 (pbk.)

>I can't help with books,but tell the grandmother to contact
>Alcoholics Anonoymous.  They have an organization for the
>childre on  A....I think it is called Rainbow Kids.  The
>child could benefit from the group (probably she could

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