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This is very interesting to me.  I have always taught my 2-5th graders to
"pull" out the needed information from the nonfiction books.  I have
never asked kids to read through the entire nonfiction book.  I teach
table of contents and index use with nonfiction books.  There will always
be some nonfiction books that are soooo very interesting to that child
that that child will read it through and through, but for the most part,
which of you read a nonfiction book from beginning to end? and is that
always necessary?--Sue

Sue Kuentz
Coker Elementary School
302 Heimer Road
San Antonio, TX  78232

On Fri, 1 Nov 1996, Carol Foster wrote:

> An intermediate teacher and I are looking for research/information
> regarding nonfiction reading techniques (how to help kids read and
> comprehend nonfiction).  We use the Accelerated Reading program, and the
> kids have done well with fiction.  However, when she had them read a
> nonfiction book and take the AR test, many did poorly.  Our district heard
> Will Daggett speak a few weeks ago, and we were impressed with his analysis
> of the educational needs facing our kids--specifically, the need to use
> technology and the ability to read, comprehend, and write technical
> information.  We would like to help our students become
> nonfiction-literate, too.
> Carol Foster, LMS
> F.E. Smith School
> 33 Wheeler Ave.
> Cortland, NY 13045

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