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I'm in the midst of a Scholastic fair for at least the second year in
a row.  I've used various other traditional companies over 20 years,
and Scholastic has the most pluses.  I did request that there be no
Goosebumps this year--probably cut down on my profits, but that's OK.
We enjoy the promotional videos, but it's very annoying that the books
featured often don't show up at the fair. I've always been disappointed
with the middle school titles, and this year it was the same.  I just
realized that after praising Scholastic, all I've done here is find fault.
But I do like their selection overall, their inclusion of some great hardcover
titles, the ability to tailor the fair to my wishes (when I remember
soon enough!), and the free stuff {;-).

Kathy Hintz                     Hintz@vaxa.sunycgcc.edu
Librarian, Etc.
St. Patrick's School
Catskill, NY

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