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Our high school recently adopted a hall pass policy in which students
must wear a bright orange vest for a hall pass. Every teacher was
assigned a vest pass and the policy states that only one student may
leave the classroom at a time for a maximum of seven minutes. The vest
pass rules also apply to students going to the library during class time.

Our faculty is very happy with the new hall pass policy, but many do not
like the way the policy has affected student access to the library during
class time. I would like suggestions on how to improve student access
without causing school-wide problems. Thanks.

  Maria Elena Ovalle                     ovalle@tenet.edu
  Librarian, Edinburg High School        ovalle@edinburg.cisd.tenet.edu
  801 E. Canton Rd.; Edinburg, TX 78539  (210)316-7300 ex. 230
  Tenet Master Trainer                   Fax: (210)316-7324

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