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This is getting soooo exciting! We just went over 44,000 registered
participants and it is still over six months away!

We have great authors on board (R.L. Stine, Ed Emberley, Aaron Sheppard,
Carol Tanzman, David Boyd, Rob Thomas, Kathleen Olson, David Patneaude, Bill
Wallace, Jackie French Koller, and Evelyn Clarke Mott have all agreed to chat
live the Day Of!)

The webmasters are working on the Internet portion of the live chat, and
things are hopping!  If you haven't registered, please do!  Full details are
on the website:


or on AOL at keyword MED

Watch for two great articles...One in the November issue of Technology &
Learning (I HOPE...I haven't seen it, yet!) and one in the December issue of
Reading Today from the International Reading Association!

Take care! Happy Thanksgiving!  Join us by sending in a registration to:


You do NOT have to belong to AOL to join us!
Jane ;-)

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