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THis is my first message to the net, so please bear with any mistakes.

I am the Teacher-librarian in a small elementary school, we have a
collection of about 5000 items.  Our school is networked with the
neighboring junior/senior high, the server is at the other school.  Their
library went on to Columbia year ago and now it is our turn.  My concern
is this, can we operate two separate circulation systems or do we become
one library divided in two?  I have been told that the only problems
should be inventory (we can't do separate ones) and cataloguing (we can't
do it at the same time).  I am worried about doing searches and the
confusion it will cause if the hits from both libraries come up for each
search.  Any suggestions, recommendations?

Ruth SHaw
Vermilion Elementary School
Vermilion, AB Canada

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