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Hello, Netters!
I'm forwarding this question from a friend who is not on LM NET yet.  If you
have any suggestions, please reply directly to Nancee Biedler-Torns at
Rita (RitaInCT@aol.com)

"Got a question for you.  If you had two regular classrooms for a LIC...how
do you see the library looking?  My boss wants some ideas because they are
going to knock down a wall between the two rooms and expand the library .
 Here's the catch....nothing can look too good or too permanent or the locals
won't think a new library is necessary when it comes time for the building
renovation, which is about 6 years away.  So my charge is to come up with
something that will fit  our needs and not look too great.  That is,
recommendations for furniture, equipment, shelving etc.  I am overwhelmed.
 What do I look like, an architect?????  Know anyone who has been in a
similar situation? "

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