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Diana, I just thought of something else about reading AWARDS that will
help take the materialism out of the system:  don't announce them ahead
of time.  Surprise the recipients AT REGULAR INTERVALS.  I send out or
distribute awards every two weeks.  That gives students plenty of time to
read something new.
    If you say "When you read Xpoints you get lunch with the principal"
you have the students working for the lunch.  If you say, "You read, and
every couple of weeks, we'll do something a little special.  The more you
read, the more fun we will have" you have students reading for the fun of
it.  Then when awards go out, students will be saying to each other "How
do I get one of those (a sign in the hall)?"  I just have to keep a list
of awards in the folder so that I know which award goes for what level of
   When students ask me what do I get for reading X books, I respond "I
don't know yet.  You read X books and we will see.  You will get some
good books, though; I can tell you that right now."  Start your awards
small and build.  If there are 36 weeks in the year, you could present
awards 18 times.

Donna Cook, library teacher
Raguet Elementary, Nacogdoches ISD, and Douglass ISD, and First Baptist
Nacogdoches, TX                         Douglass, TX      Nacogdoches, TX
<dsc@tenet.edu>         "The best education is caught--not taught"

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