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I just had to jump into this discussion about SBF. I'm on my 7th year of
using Scholastic & last Dec. had a very disappointing experience with
them. I wrote the company headquarters in Texas a nice, but explanatory,
letter detailing all the problems I'd had. Within *days* the local rep
called on me, listened in detail to all my complaints/concerns, took
notes, was VERY polite & apologetic, gave me a free Encarta CD-ROM &
several hardback books, thanked me profusely for expressing my concerns
instead of just dropping the company, & got back to me the next week to
answer some of the questions I'd had. So I will try them again this Dec.

And no one (at least so far) has mentioned one of my BIG reasons to use SBF.
The CLIFFORD costume that I reserve for free with my bookfair every year.
(I've also been told they now have Ms. Frizzle & maybe another one, but
Clifford's popular at my school so I won't even try the others). Every
year my Early Childhood through Kinder teachers send their aides to dress
up as Clifford & take every one of their students' pictures with him.
They have the film developed at a 24-hr. place & use the picture in
Christmas ornaments for the kids to take home as souveniors.

*   Debbie Collier          Orange Grove Elementary  *
*   Librarian &             Houston, Texas           *
*   "Resourceress"          COLLIE@TENET.EDU         *

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