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Here are the ideas I received from my request for help with space exploration.

I have to do this hit in two parts.

Student explorers could send postcards back from the planets and
other space objects they encounter.  These cards would describe
what they encounter facts to come from research.

Don't leave out the wonderful resources on the web, specifically from
NASA.  The library staff could bookmark them.  You could also make up a
scavenger hunt for information, some so recent that the web would have to
be used, other questions from various sources which you would introduce.

Just a few days ago, there was a posting on LM_NET about planets and
space.  I downloaded it and went to one spot today because I have 3rd
graders beginning a unit on the planets.  Part of the address was
http://ISPEC.   and I don't remember the rest because of course I am at
home doing this.

One of our teachers has students build a model of the various space
probes. They work in groups researching the topic and building the "probe."
Another has the students develop a creature that could survive on the
various planets, considering the conditions that exist on those planets.
Students appear to enjoy both projects.

Deborah Stafford
Gen H.H. Arnold HS
Department of Defense Dependents Schools
Wiesbaden Germany
or  deborah_stafford@ccmail.odedodea.edu

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