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Following are the ideas I received on my request for help with a mythology
project.  I have to send the file in two parts.

I am just finishing a project with an 8th grade. The teacher gave them
each a word derived from mythology (greek and roman) like vulcanize
or martial.  Then the kids must look in a dict. for the origin of the
word and the god it came from. They must then locate the myth the that
person is most known for. They then had to analyze the myth according to
some guidelines she set out (kind of standard--characters, problem,
resolutions, etc.)They will then present the myth to the class.

Have you considered having the students produce newspapers (front page
only) on classical Greece/Rome?  Diary entries by various mythological
  interested in  using the Internet?
I'm one of the people on KidsConnect (through ERIC) and one of the
quetions I had to answer involved using the Interent to find full
text sources of myths on the Internet.  If you would like anyof
the information I found, just let me know.   You could check out
the sites and see if any of them appealed to you and/or your teacher.

Deborah Stafford
Gen H.H. Arnold HS
Department of Defense Dependents Schools
Wiesbaden Germany
or  deborah_stafford@ccmail.odedodea.edu

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