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| I am a new school librarian, returning to the field after years of
| other endeavors.   I recently became a subscriber to BigSix
| and LM_NET and am sending this message to both.   At a
| faculty retreat Friday, our school's English and Social Studies
| Departments proposed that a 1-semester Research Skills
| course be added to our curriculum.  They see this as being
| strongly recommended/required for all College Prep and
| AP/Honors 11-12 students.  As far as I can tell this was a new
| idea that had not be discussed before with our administration.
| I am interested in the idea and have the following questions:
| 1 - Do any of your schools currently offer such a class?  If so,
|       what are the components of it?
| 2 - Who teaches it?
| 3 - Is there a text?  If so, what is it?
| 4 - Would this be a suitable setting for utilizing BigSix?
| 5 - If so, would either of Mike and Bob's books - Information
|       Problem Solving or Curriculum Initiative - be a suitable
|       text?
| Our school is just beginning to be connected to Internet.  This
| will be an excellent opportunity for our teachers and admin to
| see the advantages of e-mail and maybe get others interested
| in seeing what's "out there".
| Thanks in advance for any input you can give.
| Nancy Badertscher, Librarian
| Rockbridge County High School
| Lexington, VA
| <badertn@rockbridge.net>              (home)
| <nhbader>@rcs.rang.k12.va.us>     (school)

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