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If any of you have heard about the free author kit on Doug Cushman that was
available from HarperCollins via our listserv, please be aware that, since we
did not have an unlimited supply, we ran out not long after the message was
posted to the HarperCollins listserv.  I'm aware that the announcement was
copied by some of the subscribers and forwarded to other listservs and
homepages but the subsequent announcement, saying that we've run out of the
kits, was not.  Therefore, I'm posting this message to a few listservs that the
original message may have been forwarded to.  My apologies for taking up time
on your list, but I'm being bombarded by hundreds of requests for material that
is no longer available.  I hope you will understand and thank you for your

Catherine Balkin
Library Promotion Manager
HarperCollins Children's Books

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