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A couple of weeks ago, I put out an inquiry about the library management
software LIBRARYSOFT available from Brodart.  I was asking for information
from anyone who had experience with this product.  I didn't get any
answers, but had some requests to forward any info I did receive.  PLEASE,
if you have experience or know of a media center using this software that
I could contact by phone or snailmail, contact me.

*Kaye Banzhaf                                                         *
*Media Specialist/Tech Coordinator                                    *
*Medicine Valley High School    Phone:  308-367-4106                  *
*P.O. Box 9                     Fax:    308-367-4108                  *
*Curtis, Nebraska  69025        E-mail: kbanzhaf@esu15.esu15.k12.ne.us*

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