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Thanks to everyone who responded to my question about Braille copyright.
I finally went to the copyright people....with the help of Carol Simpson
(thanks!) and discovered that as of September 18, 1996 an amendment to
the National Information Infrastructure copyright bill was passed.  This
allows blind readers ready access to newly published books and other
previously published non-dramatic literary works to be reproduced and
distributed in specialized formats for the blind without the need to
obtain permission from the copyright holder.
        My copy of this bill was received from the Copyright Department of the
Association of American Publishers.  Their department sent me a copy of
the proposal, the law, and the speeches made on the floor of the House.
If you would like a copy of this too, please call them at 202-232-3335 or
fax your request at 202-745-0694.  Ask for Nisha Vora and tell her you
would like a copy of the bill.
        This is great news for the blind community who has waited years
for anything new to become available to them.
        Again, thanks for everyone's help!

Shonda Konemann
Library Media Coordinator
Oklahoma School for the Blind
okosb@gteens.com --

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