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Sharon Hamer writes:
>On Friday, 10/25/96 there was a story on Dateline about a man who gently
>and quickly trains horses with out any brutality or force. I am looking
>for a transcript of the program or a summary of it and the name of the
>man. I believe he is located in CA.

Sharon: I didn't see the Dateline episode but a very similar approach to
training horses (similar implications for working with users) is "Turning
Loose" a documentary featuring Ray Hunt. A professor here at FSU shows this
50 minute video in his Info Science & Tech class. Available from Direct
Cinema Ltd, P.O. Box 1003, Santa Monica CA 90410  310-396-4774.

If you know the name of the trainer that was featured on Dateline, please
pass it on, as this professor would like the info as well. Thanks!

Julia Sturgeon Spencer

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