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To all my Library Nerd friends:  I found this on a T-shirt in the Upstart
catalog (I'm not endorsing any product here, just giving credit where credit
it due)
--Rita Hennessey

10. Seemed like a novel ideas at the time.
9.  Catalog paycheck under "Humor."
8.  Can change name to Marian.
7. Know proper bait for microfiche.
6. Special relationship with Melvil Dewey.
5. Unmilited alphabetazing.
4. Augment vast income with library fines.
3. Reading trashy novels on work time is called "Book Review."
2. Exercise shhh-er daily.
and the number once reason to becoma a librarian...
...Be caretaker and respository of all human wisdom (and folly!)

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