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>Can anyone give me a definition of a "fairy tale" that will adequately
>explain to primary children why they are classified as 398.2, instead of
>filed under "E" as are the rest of the picture books.

 Wendy - this is one of our inheritances with Dewey.  Here's what I've
developed:  The Dewey system was developed to give EVERY book, no matter
what it was, a number so you could find it.  The stories (chapter books,
picture books, books we know who wrote them) section got so big, we decided
it was easier to make a separate section and arrange by author.  So
everything BUT stories with authors is in the numbers=nonfiction section.
Fairy tales have been told for so many years and by so many people that we
don't know who first thought up the story.  So they have a section in Dewey.
It's also why jokes and poetry are in the numbers.  (This to counter the
nonfiction  equals fact line.)
Hope this helps!

Johanna Halbeisen
Woodland Elementary School(K-4)
Southwick, Mass

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