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        Hello.  I have been asked to write a science grant for my school.
I feel comfortable with the grant writing process itself, but I need help
with the actual idea for the proposal.  A couple of staff members of mine
(and my principal)  have expressed an interest in me using this grant to
get a greenhouse for the school.  Obviously, my grant proposal can't just
say "We want a greenhouse."  I have seen greenhouses at other elementary
schools, but don't have any firsthand experience with one.  What I need to
know from you is:
        *Does your elementary school have a greenhouse?
        *What type of structure is the greenhouse (square footage,
         materials used, etc.)
        *If you don't mind telling me, how much did the greenhouse cost?
        *What is the greenhouse used for?  Specifically, what is the
         direct benefit to the students?  How often is it used?  I will
         really need to demonstrate the innovative programs we can do
         because of the greenhouse that would otherwise be impossible.
        *Who is in charge of the upkeep of the greenhouse?
        *What is the annual cost to the school to maintain the greenhouse?
        *Would you recommend my school pursuing this as an idea for a
         grant proposal?

        I appreciate your responses very much.  I am so thankful to have
such a wonderful group of people to turn to with these questions.  Thanks!

                <>           Jennifer Burger              <>
                <>       Library Media Specialist         <>
                <> Lee Elementary   Springdale, Arkansas  <>
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