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Sorry folks about the first message.  Carol Wheat helped me send this =
one.  I tried it on myself first, this time.  Now, maybe you can read =
and respond.

A teacher or two and I would like to compare private schools with public =
schools on how much school time is spent on such activities as: =
assemblies, picture taking, decorating floats, fundraisers, campaigns =
such as Red Ribbon week, parties, reward trips, etc.

>From 9/3-10/31, can you estimate the school  time spent and for what =

Here's our list 9/3-11/1/96
Floats for homecoming parade            3 hours
Homecoming parade                       2 hours
Classroom pictures                                    40 min.
Agenda trip (reward)                    4 hours
Fund-raiser (clean-up day)                   6 hours 30 min.
     Record keeping, gathering pledges   2 hours
Fund-raiser (pennies)
        for student's surgery           1 hour
Red Ribbon week assembly                     2 hours
    Door decorating contest                     50 min.
    Walk-a-thon                                          45 min.
    Class poster                                             20 min.=09
Book Fair                                       30 min.
Field Trips                              1 hour 30 min.
        2nd                              2 hours 30 min.
           3rd                                2 hours 30 min.
Guest speaker                            1 hour
Psychologist session w/ class                 2 hours 30 min.
Early release time (inservice)           4 hours
Full day inservice                       7 hours 30 min.
Full day - Parent Teacher conf.                7 hours 30 min.
Student council election                              30 min.
 Forms - federal, JOM,                        1 hour
        field trip forms, health card=20
        free or reduced lunch, etc.
School newspaper articles               1 hour
Individual students pulled-out of class for:   30 min. - 1 hour
   Testing: ESL pull-out of class
   Student Council
Discipline within classroom                     30 min.=09

                  TOTAL @ 56 hours 30 min.
In session 43 days x 5 hours =3D 215 hours
                % time non-teaching =3D 26%

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