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I would like to muddy the waters after a hit has been posted.  Does that
mean I will be tarred and feathered, flamed, ostricized?  Forgive me for
being slow to respond but I have what might be developing into a little
bit of a proble,.  We have a new media center facility with an
attached 30 workstation lab.  We have an aide who is also secretary to the A+
coordinator This means that She is not really an aide to the librarian
and sees herself as superior to the librarian in any way conected to the
lab.  This has presented some minor problems but the major one is that
she sees little or no problem with students having unlimited access to
the internet. I have spoken with the coordinator and the principal but
have had only nebulous results.  I feel that most parents in our midwest
semi rural community would object to much of what their students access.
Please send my any reactions you might have.  I am thinking about making
a file and presenting it a little more formally than has been done in the
past.  TIA.

D. J. Hunt
Greene Co. R-8 Schools

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